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Director of Photography


My production experience spans over two decades. My versatility and drive have garnered a multi- faceted career in reality TV, action sports, documentaries, commercials, and multi-media content.   


I started in the Industry by shooting skateboarding, snowboarding, and free style motocross.  My contacts through the motocross industry encouraged me to pitch an idea of a bi-monhtly video magazine to Warped Industries, a free style motocross branding company.  An investor picked up the idea and for the next year I worked as a producer, director and editor of “Lens Moto.”


For three years I traveled internationally shooting motocross and free style motocross events. Always driven, I along with a few associates, started a free style motocross company called Bad Seed Productions.  I produced, shot, and co-directed two videos called “Fad” and “Hate Us,” both of which gained acclaim as top selling DVD’s in this genre. 


My work in the action sports world sparked the attention of Adam Barker, the director and creator of FOX Network’s Fuel TV show “M80.” Barker featured me on the show to discuss the cult following of “Fad” and “Hate Us.”  I was offered a field producer position on “M80,” where I worked and flourished for two years.


For the next few years I worked as a post producer at Ntropic, a high end post production company for music videos, film, and commercials.  At this point in my career my knowledge and skills propelled me into the world of directing, camera operating, and cinematography.  I’ve worked on notable TV series such as HGTV's “The Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom,” “Dr T Lone Star Vet," "Dropp'n Cash," "Wolves and Warriors," "Fantom Works," "Wicked Tuna," "Duck Dynasty," “Redbull Driving Dirty," “Roseanne's Nutts,” and Spike TV's “Auction Hunters."  

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